LEAD TECH Over the past ten years, the total installed capacity of domestic and overseas customers has been 100000, and the repair rate of customers within three years is only 0.1%. The design of highly reliable products ensures that customers' production will not be interrupted by unexpected failures.
The single line printing speed of LEAD TECH i9 UHS, up to 420m/min, can not only meet the production capacity of 60000 bottles per hour, but also ensure high-quality printing effect. The high reliability of i9 requires very low maintenance work and can save operating costs to the greatest extent for customers.
The production speed of LEAD TECH i3 wire machine from 300m/min to 3m/min also ensures that the meter accuracy error is ≤ 0.3%, reducing unnecessary waste for manufacturers.
LEAD TECH customizes models and machine operation software for intelligent factories. 200 inkjet printers are connected to the customer's operating system in an unmanned environment, and work together with the production line according to system instructions to give each product a unique global code and a global synchronous production time accurate to milliseconds.